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Company Culture

At Employer Capital, we care about the success of our customers, employees, and business.

Everybody’s voice is heard at every level of the organization, from team members to executives, thanks to the open communication culture we’ve fostered. We’re a motivated group of people working to support the expansion of small businesses and their beneficial effects on the communities they serve.


Awards We’ve Won

Where Small Businesses Go Big

We Support Small Businesses

Employer Capital is dedicated to providing fast, transparent, and tech-enabled financing solutions they can rely on, enabling small businesses and those who support them to go BIG. We offer specialized financing to meet their business needs and promote long-term growth and success.

Our core company values are fundamentally based on the idea that how we collaborate, grow as individuals, and develop as a company is equally important to the work that we produce.

Our culture is based on a team of incredibly motivated individuals committed to developing flexible, quick, and transparent financing solutions that will significantly increase the potential of small businesses.

We Strive To Make A Difference Because We Are Unique

How we interact with, support, and serve our clients directly correlates with our internal culture. We aim for small businesses to succeed, so we approach everything we do with a tailored strategy, a cutting-edge perspective, and a love for business financing.