A Line of Credit that businesses

can depend on

Our line of credit gives your business continuous access to working capital when your business needs it the most.

What Is a Line of Credit?

Flexible Payments

Automatic daily, weekly, or monthly payments are withdrawn from the business bank account, and the business only pays back the amount drawn plus any interest or other fees that may be charged.

Term Options*

Amortization from 3–18 months (the term may reset every time you draw capital)

Cost and Fees

An interest charge or fixed fee will be charged, other fees may also be charged

A line of credit is a flexible financing option that allows quick access to a defined amount of working capital. The way it works is a business is approved for a set amount of credit and has access to that amount through a streamlined process which allows for easy access to drawing on the approved amount when needed. The full amount does not need to be drawn at one time, your business can conveniently draw on as much or as little working capital as it needs, up to the approved amount. Businesses are only responsible for repaying the funds they used, plus any interest or other fees that may be charged.

Capital Employer’s line of credit is extremely flexible and gives your business access to the working capital it needs, when it needs it most. As mentioned, a business line of credit is ideal for repeat cash flow needs. It’s also a great option for obtaining working capital to pay for unexpected expenses or exciting new business opportunities. Capital Employer offers and facilitates access to financing from $5,001 up to $250,000*. Best of all, the amortization terms can vary from three to eighteen months*. Payments on the outstanding balance can be made with fixed daily, weekly, or monthly payments that are automatically withdrawn from the business bank account on file*.

A Business Line of Credit Grants

Continuous Access to Working Capital When You Need It Most

You only need 3 important things to apply.

A valid form of identification

Business bank account number and routing

Last three months of business bank statements

Application Process

1. Apply Online

Visit our online portal to fill out an application. Tell us about your company, goals, and objectives. We recommend having the necessary paperwork on hand to make the process even faster.

2. Review

Our team will carefully review your business financing application. One of our trusted business advisors will reach out if we need any additional information.

3. Get Funded

Our team will send the approved initial draw to your business bank account if approved.

4. Obtain Additional Funds

When ready, come back and draw on your businesses line of credit up to the approved amount.

Line of Credit


The best product for your company will rely on several business-related aspects, including the quantity of capital required, the preferred repayment terms, and the sort of capital required. A loan is the best option for firms seeking conventional finance with a more significant capital amount and maybe more extended payback periods.

A line of credit is the best option for companies with recurring cash flow requirements. It may also be utilized for several short-term requirements, such as handling payroll or paying unforeseen expenses. Up to the maximum credit limit permitted, a line of credit enables you to make recurrent payments to repay the amount you’ve drawn plus any fees or expenses.

With a loan, the company is responsible for repaying the total amount borrowed and any related interest fees or fixed costs.

Depending on how much working capital your company needs, if it chooses to establish terms and payments, and whether it wants benefits, you should decide whether to apply for a business credit card line of credit.

Typically, a company credit card has a predetermined credit limit that may be reached at any moment. Monthly payments and a predetermined interest rate are additional features of business credit cards. Some even provide a monetary refund. If your firm wants these extra benefits, a business credit card can be helpful.

If the business is given permission, a business line of credit may have a greater credit limit. Lines of credit have defined periods that might reset with each draw and come with daily, weekly, or monthly charges. A line of credit is an attractive choice for companies that require recurring cash flow or wish to have working capital available at all times. With this solution, business owners may obtain operating cash flexibly.

Employer Capital’s online application process is quick and easy, and you can apply for a business line of credit there in just a few minutes. We’ll ask you a few questions about your company and ask you for further details, such as the owner’s name, the last three months’ worth of bank statements, proof of your identification, business information, and the name of your checking account. If accepted, your company can use our online client interface to obtain the authorized line of credit.

A line of credit provides firms with ongoing access to operating capital. The amount drawn and any related interest or other charges are the company’s responsibility. Payments are automatically taken out of the business bank account.

Every time the company takes money from the line of credit, the amortization period, which can range from three to eighteen months, may start over.

Your company can use its approved line of credit whenever it wants. The sum taken will be credited to the company’s checking account. The money can then be used for any business purpose you want.

Employer Capital provides a line of credit calculator that will assist determine how much credit your company might be eligible for and what the potential monthly payments would be.