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Our small business loans are simple and secure, so you can get the working capital your business needs fast.

Small Business Loan Financing

Fixed Payments*

Automatic fixed daily, weekly, or monthly payments

Business Loan Term Options*

Terms range from three months up to sixty months

Fast Business Funds*

Funds can be deposited into your business bank account within hours of approval

Small business loans offer businesses a lump sum of working capital upfront to help meet their unique business needs. Capital Employer loans can help with an expansion, gaps in cash flow, opening a new location, purchasing equipment, and so much more! We pride ourselves on fast and simple loans, so business owners can focus on what matters most: growing their business.

Regardless of how much working capital a business needs, our small business loans allow for flexible access to working capital, with funds starting at $5,001 and ranging up to $1 million. If your business is looking for a loan with fixed payments, longer terms, and higher dollar financing, our small business loan is a great option.

Scale Your Business with a

Small Business Loan

You only need 3 important things to apply

A valid form of identification

Business bank account number and routing

Last three months of business bank statements

Application Process

1. Apply Online

Start your business application and tell us about your company, goals, and objectives. We recommend having the necessary paperwork on hand to make the process even faster (i.e. driver’s license or passport, business bank statements).

2. Let Us Review

Our team will carefully review your business financing application. One of our trusted business advisors will reach out if we need any additional information.

3. Get Funded

If approved, our team will send your business’ funds to the business bank account provided. This can be as quick as a few minutes, so be on the lookout!

Business Financing Options

Small Business Loans


A merchant cash advance is a fantastic option for companies that accept credit cards, have a large volume of accounts receivable, or are seasonal. Payments are flexible because they are based on the companies’ credit card sales or other receivables. A small business loan might be a better option for a business if it wants a higher financing amount and fixed payments.

You can choose the best option for your company based on how long it will require working capital. Regarding financing for shorter periods, merchant cash advances and lines of credit offer the most flexibility. Since your company may have up to 60 months to repay a small business loan, they are excellent for long-term financing.

While some small business financing does consider your credit score, most commercial financing firms place more emphasis on your company’s success. A line of credit might require a higher credit score, whereas some financing options, like a merchant cash advance, typically allow for a lower credit score.

Since you can access a predetermined amount whenever your business needs it after approval, lines of credit may be the best option for business financing.