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Perks of Gaining Employer Capital Partner Status

We work to support you in meeting all of your client’s needs as your financing partner. We offer specialized financing options to close the financing gap between your advance rates and the total loan amount. This increases your customers’ options and flexibility for leasing equipment while safeguarding your collateral.

We offer a wide range of funding options, including lines of credit, term loans, and merchant cash advances. We support many businesses, from high-street retailers to construction and distribution firms, allowing you to expand your horizons while providing your customers with added value.

We work hard to help you draw in and keep customers. Our cutting-edge funding technology and adaptable solutions are created to complete and improve your financing options!

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We create small business magic when you work with us. Our devoted team will support you and your clients at every step of the funding process. Our individualized services reflect the deference, consideration, and professionalism you strive to show your clients. We would adore collaborating with you to serve them.

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