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The U.S. government grants R&D tax credits worth billions of dollars annually, yet many businesses fail to take advantage of them. Getting the money you deserve is simple with our help.

To optimize your return, we’ll assist you in assessing your clients eligibility and document your procedures.

What does R&D Tax Credit mean?

A government incentive called the Research and Development (R&D) tax credit encourages American businesses to make innovative investments. They are an essential source of funding for firms to use for expanding, boosting R&D, and recruiting new personnel.

All sizes of enterprises are eligible for the R&D tax credit. Simply by going about their regular business, businesses from various industries can qualify for this government-sponsored tax incentive.


What's the R&D Tax Credit Process?

R&D tax exemption is available to businesses that invest in creating new goods, procedures, or services and improving already existing ones. You can file an R&D tax credit claim if you invest money in your innovation to earn a cash payout or a corporation tax break. R&D can be found in any industry; the possibilities are endless. Additionally, if it’s your first time filing a claim, you can usually only request R&D tax relief for the last two completed accounting periods.

What Counts as R&D?

Numerous companies are still ignorant that activities and processes like the most recent manufacturing techniques, software development, and quality improvements are all eligible for R&D credit eligibility in addition to product creation. For up to five years, even startups could deduct their payroll tax using the R&D tax credit. Activities that meet the four-part Section 41 test’s requirements are those that:

1. Authorized Use

A business component's functionality, quality, dependability, or performance must be developed or improved due to the activity.

2. Being technological

Engineering, computer science, or physical or biological science must be used in the activities.

3. Removal of uncertainty

The commercial component must have been designed or developed in the face of technological uncertainty.

4. Experimentation Method

To deal with technological risks, the organization must have assessed several design alternatives or adopted a methodical trial-and-error strategy.


Costs that Qualify for R&D Tax Credits

  1. Wages & Salaries
  2. Computer Costs
  3. Raw Materials and Supplies
  4. Subcontractors

For whom are R&D tax credits available?

Any industry can engage in R&D. It can be found everywhere, including renewable energy, chemical engineering, manufacturing, and building.

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Food & Beverage
  • Dentistry

And a lot more! If you are interested, get in touch with us.

The Benefit

The R&D tax credit, which has a potential value of six to seven figures, is predominantly wage-based. For instance, a firm with $13.5 million in annual sales was eligible for $310,500 in credits. Numerous states additionally provide their R&D credits, which can significantly increase the Study’s worth. Additionally, the credit is frequently claimable for earlier tax years.

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The American Driven R&D Tax Credit: Job creation and innovation

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