How to generate revenue online -post-COVID

Are you running a small business and want to know different strategies to generate revenue? Well, you are not alone in this boat! Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, several businesses were forced to change their organizational structures. These new business models include two new methods: targeting and attracting online markets and creating a presence on digital platforms. Although the outbreak of COVID has stopped, there are still many options to earn money online for your small business.

How to generate revenue online

Gift Card Marketing

It can be challenging to sell your business goods online, but it’s okay. A gift card promotion is a fantastic incentive that engages your clients in your company’s business.

You can sell your cards at a low or discounted rate to the customers by employing a gift card processor on your website, which will increase your income.

This approach might help produce quick profit flows for businesses specializing in personal services, for example, hair or spas and beauty salons. Promotions like getting a $120 gift card for $100 can work well for offering a discount on undefined products or services.

Sales of future services

If you do not have enough time to install a gift card processor on your company’s website, then offering sales on upcoming services is a simple method to increase your revenue and engage your clients to come back to your business. This technique suits cosmetologists and other physicians or service providers best, as they do not have physical stuff to offer.

Discounting services and setting a deadline for when clients can take advantage of an offer are both efficient ways to sell them now rather than later. For instance, if you run a carpet cleaning business, you might offer a discounted cost for a home cleaning service that a client can order now and use over the next year. In this method, the deal has a deadline yet still provides a reason for people to use a service.

Holding online seminars

Hosting a webinar is an excellent idea for sharing your business with others. Online streaming platforms allow businesses to share private content with paying customers, who pay a flat rate for Video and audio clips that are available monthly.

One creative way some restaurants can benefit from webinars is by broadcasting cooking lessons and tips and tricks from the kitchen. Other companies can share content and tutorials about their services. For example, a Personal trainer looking to promote her business can broadcast her workouts at home.

Perform SEO optimization on your website

Research shows that more than 25% of all Google users click on the first organic search result after searching for a specific term, demonstrating the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO aims to improve your business website, so it appears higher on search engine result pages.

  • Regularly update website content.
  • Incorporating relevant keywords into the content present on your website
  • Ensure your website has the right display on computers and mobile devices
  • Post credible and valuable content about your business niche on your blog.
  • Implement “alt tags” (alternative text descriptions) to help search engines find your business site.
  • Help search engines index and crawl your business site by including website page metadata.
  • Remove website elements that slow down your business site or make it difficult for potential customers to access your content.
  • Ensure all company contact information (phone numbers, social media links, email addresses, etc.) is accurate.

Have a blog on your website

Like webinars, blogging and sharing content can help your business reach online marketplaces and ensure you have an authentic internet presence. Start a blog relevant to your business niche and share your views with your audience. Additionally, the blog can improve his SEO efforts and attract more potential customers to his business page.

Make sure to add relevant links to your products and services in your blog posts to increase sales. Suppose you own a fashion brand and want to get more leads online. You can create blog content that showcases seasonal fashion trends and includes links to product pages on your online business store.

Creating a successful blog can take time. However, you can encourage readers to share the page on your social media pages or repost the content on your website. This increases your online visibility and helps your business promote its products and services to a broader audience.

Pro tip: Get Financial help

Pointing your business to an online marketplace takes money and time. For example, creating a webinar may require an investment in audiovisual equipment. Financial assistance can help you take your business to new levels of success and offer the funds your business has to pay for a promotional campaign, technology, and extra labor costs.

A line of credit or Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) can provide the working capital you need to reinvent your business.

Merchant Cash Advance is an alternative option to business financing that lets businesses have working capital in exchange for a portion of future credit/debit card credits.

This financing option is suitable for businesses that need help with seasonal expenses, business expansion, equipment repairs, or cash flow shortages.

The Small Business Line of Credit is a flexible financing method that allows businesses to draw up to the approved credit amount and continue to invest in these funds by making periodic payments to repay the amount drawn and repeatable access.

This may be a perfect option for small businesses that require urgent financing to overcome a cash flow gap or build working capital to grow their business.


The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many businesses to adopt online methods to generate revenue, but using online strategies to gain revenue shows no signs of disappearing.

However, with a bit of creativity and exploration, there are various ways to make money online and build a digital presence with limited resources. Once the program is implemented in your business, spread the word. Explosive emails, social posts, and ads about your business “Your website can all be an effective tool for reaching your company’s online audience.”

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